The Hungku Water Project, completed in late 2015, was an opportunity to save a small microenvironment in the Arfak Mountains of Indonesian New Guinea by bringing fresh water and electricity to Hungku and surrounding villages. Through this project, thirty five hundred meters of pipe from a safe water source to two collectors, and then on to the villages has been installed. The land is home to no less than eleven endemic bird species, including the “Clever One”, the amazing Vogelkop Bower Bird (Amblyornis inornatus), said to sit on the edge of avian evolution. Furthermore, this microenvironment is considered to be the evolutionary center of Birdwing Butterflies. Rare orchids and medicinal plants also thrive here. The area has been off limits to foreigners and scientific investigation. The Hungku water project has helped the local tribes of this region maintain their land and continue to live on it. Through this project, there is hope that this village will prosper. For the complete history and personal commentary of the Hungku Water Project, please visit my blog.